Universal round labels

Universal round labels

Product labels are applied on wither the goods or the packaging to inform clients about product attributes, manufactures, shelf life, price, etc. Labels take various forms; they are not always adhesive stickers, tags, or barcodes fixed to the product. Right now, labels are applied to pretty much all commercially released products, no matter if they are made in industrial quantities, limited series, or customised for a specific client.

There are various reasons for product marking, including legal requirements, the need to be distinguished among strong market competition, and reaching the client with specific information and advertising. Do the shape and size of labels determine their usefulness and effectiveness? Definitely, which is why designs of colour label graphics should account for numerous factors like label purpose, labelled products (packaging shape and size), and most importantly the label content.

The most common product labels are those of standard and regular shape, i.e. square labels, rectangular labels, oval labels, and round labels. Contemporary printing and cutting technologies allow for production of adhesive labels in any shapes, even the most unusual ones. The label shape will determine perception of the brand and the product itself among current and potential consumers. Round labels are among the most popular ones. Due to their regular and universal shape, they can be used on various kinds of packaging and products. Adhesive labels often constitute a fixed element of product packaging but they can also be used temporarily. Round labels are perfect when you need to add some additional information which does not necessarily have to appear on product packaging permanently, e.g. specific-time discounts, limited editions, contest products, etc.

When printing labels, the size and shape are not the only factors. There is also the sticker material. In this case, the choice is determined by the base used to apply the label and the storage conditions for the labelled products. If the labels will be applied to products displayed and stored indoors with no exposure to humidity, paper labels will be enough. If there is a risk that these conditions will not be met, the right choice is foil labels. Labels printed on polypropylene or polyester foil are definitely more durable and resistant for factors like water and oil than paper labels. In addition to white, polypropylene foil also comes in see-through allowing for production of transparent labels.

Our labels are printed digitally to ensure minimum unit production preparation costs, an important factor in low quantity orders – there are no additional starting costs associated with production launch, specifically preparation of printing plates or production of punching dies. After printing, the labels are wound onto special rolls, which allow them to be applied both manually and automatically. For manual label application, we recommend our box, i.e. dispenser. As a label manufacturer, we ensure top quality printouts made from materials provided by renowned European manufacturers. Digitally printed adhesive label rolls offer a perfect and quick solution ensuring quality and cost-efficiency.