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Custom printed stickers on different product bottles are an indispensable element of their packaging, and in the case of alcohols they are particularly important. That is why wine labels with individual, distinctive graphics, printed on various materials, are very popular. Personalized wine labels allow you to meet the manufacturer's information obligation, but also to mark bottles with liquor with the manufacturer's brand, company colors and give the products the character and expected look. In our online print shop you can order wine labels in a few simple steps. Just use the online label calculator below, fill out the basic parameters and add wine labels to your basket. You can upload the file when placing the order or send it later by email.


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If you are looking for high-quality wine labels for your company, we encourage you to check our offer. We have many years of experience, confirmed by the opinions of satisfied customers. We print wine labels both in high circulation, for large producers with an established position on the market, as well as for local wineries that need smaller quantities of labels.

Wine labels - requirements

Wine labels, as other nutrition product, need to contain all the necessary information about the ingredients, allergens etc. The regulations can be a little different in each country, but every wine label in EU should contain the following:

• wine category

• country / region of origin,

• alcohol content

• information on the bottling entity,

• Information on the wine importer,

• sugar and potential allergens content,

• information on energy value.

To fulfill this informative function, the wine labels have to be durable and resistant, so that the information stays visible when the wine bottle reaches the customer. In addition, wines intended for sale must have a legible bar code, which can be easily scanned by reading devices. In order for the code to be printed correctly, use precise printing equipment and experience that we have.

Wine labels from LabelExpress

Personalized wine labels not only meet the legal requirement, but they are also a great form of product advertising. It is no secret that the attractive label catches the eye and makes the product stand out among many similar ones. When ordering label printing via LabelExpress, you can be sure that the final product will be of high quality, a durable solution and an excellent product showcase. We invite you to use our online calculator - you can place your order easily and quickly. If you have any questions about wine labels or the remaining offer, please contact us. Our experienced advisers will support you at every stage of your order. We provide the highest standards of customer service and provide reliable information.

High-quality wine labels

We will print high-quality wine labels for you in our online printing house. We offer moisture resistant labels, which is extremely important especially for white and rosé wines, which must be stored in refrigerators. Thanks to the use of dedicated adhesives and the resistant material they are made of, they are not damaged, displaced and - which would be the worst - peel off. In addition, we offer you various types of labels for bottles that can be applied manually, using a special dispenser, or automatically, which is certainly a great help with large volumes.

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