About us

Who we are and what we do

We are a company with extensive experience in advertising solutions. We have been on the market for many years. We supply our products to all countries in Europe and, if required, also beyond. In response to the changing needs of the market and enquiries from existing and potential customers, we are constantly expanding our range. The digital label production line and the solutions we offer are the answer to these needs.

The requirements for information to be included on a product label are changing day by day. It is also popular on the market to offer unique and limited product series with individual labels. Our offer is the answer to this type of demand, as we make it possible to order even small quantities of labels at very attractive prices, while ensuring fast realisation time. With us, customers can receive their label order in 3 days, and for some materials and finishes we offer a 24-hour production. Such short lead times are a real advantage.

Another feature that distinguishes us in the market of label manufacturers is the possibility of realising an order with a small quantities, already from 500 pieces, which is unattainable in printing using flexographic or offset technology.

When ordering labels from our shop, you do not incur any additional fees connected with the preparation of the die-cutting die, which in the case of using other technologies significantly increases the cost of production and thus the price of the labels. The laser cutting of the labels we use significantly minimises unit costs for both low and high volumes.

All these elements, combined with high label quality and low prices, ensure the attractiveness of our offer and allow us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our technology allows cost-effective printing already from 500 units, so Label Express' offer is tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, and if a short production run is important, also for large enterprises. Orders for labels can be conveniently placed and priced from our online shop - a practical way of working together that allows you to check prices for labels with individual parameters and place your order at any time.

About us - Labels in various shapes

Choice of shape

Labels in various shapes

About us - Paper and foil labels

Various materials

Paper and foil labels

About us - Labels in various sizes

Common sizes

Labels in various sizes

About us - labels from 500 pieces

From 500 pieces

Attractive prices even at small quantities

The Label Express shop - labelexpress.eu

The LabelExpress shop was created to provide our customers with a convenient tool - an intuitive online shop. It enables you to order labels efficiently and quickly at any time, while at the same time using professional service. Despite the automation of the ordering process, file delivery and document uploading, we provide the opportunity to contact us at any time for additional information or specialist advice.

So many possibilities in one place

In our shop, you can order labels on rolls, sheets or in convenient dispensers. It is possible to order labels in any size, shape or quantity. Our offer has been divided into a "basic" offer, which is the offer of materials and solutions most frequently chosen by our customers. The "additional options" offer has the possibility of selecting specialised materials, additional finishing and enhancements. The "premium" option includes materials that are textured on the surface, while the "sheets" option makes it possible to order labels on sheets.

Wide range of finishing options

We offer a number of additional finishes - varnishing, lamination, lacquering and 3D and 3D Max hotstamping. These solutions enable you to produce unique labels that will make your product stand out on the shelves.

Working with us

As an experience producer, we guarantee printing of the highest quality labels while minimising unit costs. We ensure an efficient ordering and fulfilment process and the support of our specialists. We take an individual approach to each customer and offer flexible terms of cooperation.

What makes us special

Professional service

If you have any questions about our products and services, we encourage you to contact us by phone or email.

Highest quality

We offer the highest quality labels printed in digital technology.

Any quantity of labels

We print orders for small and large quantities. We provide attractive prices from 500 pieces.

Delivery in Poland and abroad

We deliver our products throughout the EU

Express delivery

We offer fast order processing.