About us

Who we are and what we do

Our company is experienced in digital printing. Labo Print S.A has been on the market for years and we are considered as experts in large-format digital printing. We export our products all over Europe and, if the need arises, outside of it as well. We keep monitoring market trends and listen to our clients’ recommendations to keep expanding our offer with new solutions and production lines. The Label Express brand is the response to the questions we received concerning the requirements and potential of digital label printing. Label Express is custom-made to meet the expectations of our clients. Digital label printing reduces label production costs in instances requiring printing of various themes or production of smaller series. The frequently changing legal requirements towards labelling of commercially released goods and the desire to reach clients with a seasonal offer force manufacturers to keep making changes to the packaging of their products. Digital label printing is more flexible and allows for printing of numerous themes in an optimal price when compared to traditional technology. It makes it much easier to release packaging for limited product series, conduct A/B testing, add additional tags to seasonal promotions, and make quick modifications to the packaging due to new legal requirements. Our store offers top quality digitally printed labels, which let us offer the product at a lower unit price, especially for low quantities (from 1000 pieces) or for high total quantities including various themes. We can do this because digital technology does not require additional expenses associated with pre=production preparation of the product like production of offset or polymer printing plates or purchase or production of punch dies.

Label Express

The Label Ekspress brand was founded to provide our customers with a tool in the form of an intuitive online store allowing for quick and effective placement of orders for various kinds of labels at any time and offering professional service. Despite the fact that the processes of order placement, file submission, and document delivery are fully automated, we are always available for contact concerning additional information or professional advice.

Offer label rolls

Our store offers label rolls divided into two main categories: predefined size and shape labels and custom size and shape labels. The predefined products in the offer are aimed to make orders easier for customers who have never ordered labels before. They can choose from our suggested solutions approved by others.

Individual sizes of labels

The second part of the offer is for people who want a simple way to order labels in custom shapes and sizes. All of our labels are printed on top quality materials provided by the best manufacturers. We also provide assistance in verification of provided files containing graphic label designs.

Cooperation with us

As an experienced partner in the field of printing, we offer top quality service. We guarantee effective order placement and handling and support from professional staff. We approach every client individually and offer flexible terms of cooperation.

What makes us special

Professional service

If you have any questions about our products and services, we encourage you to contact us by phone or email.

Highest quality

We offer the highest quality labels printed in digital technology.

Any quantity of labels

We print orders for small and large quantities. We provide attractive prices from 500 pieces.

Delivery in Poland and abroad

We deliver our products throughout the EU

Express delivery

We offer fast order processing.