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Advertising stickers


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Advertising stickers are an extremely popular choice among companies and also a great marketing opportunity. Most companies, agencies or startups decide to custom print advertising stickers with the company logo, but more and more often you can find more creative solutions - such as stickers with an attractive print or an interesting slogan.

Advertising stickers - application and advantages

There are many opportunities to use advertising stickers. Stickers are added to orders in online stores, and companies looking for new employees often give them out at job fairs and conferences, as one of their advertising gadgets. Advertising stickers are also a great finishing element of the product, and many companies simply can't imagine promotion without using them. They are also quite common in restaurants or online shops – advertising stickers are a very fast and simple way to customize a standard packaging. In the final analysis - advertising stickers help sell and build a positive brand image among its customers.

Advertising stickers from LabelExpress

On our website you can order advertising stickers from 500 pieces. We use the highest quality paper and foil for digital printing and we guarantee very good print quality. We produce advertising stickers in digital printing technology, which allows us to obtain attractive prices also at very good cost. We encourage you to use the online label calculator to get a quotation for your advertising stickers in many different options. Just fill in all the necessary information in the form and you will get the price right away. If you need to order stickers with different parameters - please contact us.

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