1. Labels for jars - possibilities and use

    Labels for jars - possibilities and use

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  2. Custom printed wine labels – make your wine bottle as unique as yours vintage taste

    Custom printed wine labels – make your wine bottle as unique as yours vintage taste

    There are many factors that determine the customer's decision about a purchase. Often we base our choice on our friend's opinions or we are looking for the reviews on the internet. However, when staying in front of the shop shelf, we will pick the products that we already know or those that catch our attention. That's why the packaging and labels are so important. Of course they are necessary – the packaging protects the goods and the product labels are giving the customer all the information about the product that is required by the law, but they can be also specially designed to make a beautiful presentation. The aesthetics is especially important when it comes to premium products such as wine.

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  3. Personalized liquor bottle labels

    Personalized liquor bottle labels

    Liquors are strong alcoholic drinks made by distillation of fruits, vegetables and grains that passed already a process of alcoholic fermentation. The best-known different types of liquors are vodka, rum, tequila or whisky. Sometimes this term is used also for describing liqueurs. They are made by infusing fruits, herbs or even flower in alcohol and adding sugar. Sometimes they are distilled to gain flavor, clarity and percent of alcohol concentration, but it’s not very common, especially for liqueurs made at home. The distillation process requires special equipment and conditions which are hard to obtain in homemade production.

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  4. The role of adhesive product labels in creating brand image

    The role of adhesive product labels in creating brand image

    Designing a new product you should think about a brand identity that you want to create in your customers. It’s the general perception of your mark that you would like your customers to have, so all the expectation and memories taken together that influence the decision of choosing one product over another.

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  5. Key elements required on a product label

    Key elements required on a product label

    Product labels are really important part of products packaging. They are not only a marketing tool, but most of all, a source of information about the goods that we are selling. There are many regulations that enumerate all the elements that are required on product label. Each country or group of countries like EU have different regulations so if your company is planning to expand and export produced goods, you should check that apply abroad. The most restrictions concern food, but there are a lot of things that are important for every product label.

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  6. Custom honey labels – how to choose the best stickers for your product?

    Custom honey labels – how to choose the best stickers for your product?

    Personalized honey labels are highly used not only by large manufacturers of natural and artificial honey but also by beekeepers that want to sell their products on local farmer markets. Custom printed honey labels are nowadays so easily available and cost effective that you can use them even if you’re producing honey just for yourself and your family. The use of personalized honey jars labels lets you not only inform your clients about the product, but also show the customer your brand. Nowadays there’s a lot of honey labels available on the market. You can choose form wide range of materials and glues and what’s more, you can choose almost any size and shape you want. The most important, especially for small honey producers is that you can make your custom printed honey labels even in very small quantity.

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  7. Adhesive labels printing house – professional digital printing

    Adhesive labels printing house – professional digital printing

    The Label Express brand was created to meet the needs of ever-growing number of clients who expect a professional digital printing services of labels for various purposes and in different quantities. Until recently, clients had to agree to conditions that did not fully satisfy them. The mostly used flexography printing technique made unprofitable printing of labels in quantities smaller than one hundred thousand pieces. Now, with the development of digital printing, we can significantly reduce the number of printed labels (to even less than one thousand pieces) while maintaining low prices and the highest quality of print.

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  8. Self-adhesive oval-shaped labels

    Self-adhesive oval-shaped labels

    All products available for sale are marked with various types of labels for aesthetic, informative, warning, or legal purposes. The most popular labels are printed adhesive stickers because they are very easy to apply and can be quickly stuck onto the product. Consumers and users come in contact with labels every day. They analyse their content to make the right purchase or follow the image on the label in choose their favourite product. The content and form of the label is very important and should be appropriately considered to keep from excessively frequent changes of its image.

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  9. Universal round labels

    Universal round labels

    Product labels are applied on wither the goods or the packaging to inform clients about product attributes, manufactures, shelf life, price, etc. Labels take various forms; they are not always adhesive stickers, tags, or barcodes fixed to the product. Right now, labels are applied to pretty much all commercially released products, no matter if they are made in industrial quantities, limited series, or customised for a specific client.

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  10. The use of rectangular labels

    The use of rectangular labels

    Product labelling is a necessary part of product marking. Labels serve marketing, informative, and warning purposes. Products are labelled everywhere. There are almost no unlabelled products for sale on the market. Advertising stickers or information labels are used on products, bulk packaging, as bar codes, and as QR codes. Labels are used to mark all kinds of products, including car parts, technical components, electronics, food, chemicals, cosmetics, toys, etc.

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