1. Labels for jars - possibilities and use

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  2. Custom printed wine labels – make your wine bottle as unique as yours vintage taste

    There are many factors that determine the customer's decision about a purchase. Often we base our choice on our friend's opinions or we are looking...

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  3. Personalized liquor bottle labels

    Liquors are strong alcoholic drinks made by distillation of fruits, vegetables and grains that passed already a process of alcoholic fermentation. The...

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  4. The role of adhesive product labels in creating brand image

    Designing a new product you should think about a brand identity that you want to create in your customers. It’s the general perception of your mark t...

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  5. Key elements required on a product label

    Product labels are really important part of products packaging. They are not only a marketing tool, but most of all, a source of information about the...

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