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Digital labels are universal self-adhesive labels printed in digital technology. Digital labels are used primarily on the packaging of various goods. Digital label printing enables the production of high-quality labels at attractive prices, even for small volumes. With digital labels there’s no need of preparing an additional die-cut form because the labels are laser cut. It’s a great advantage, especially for the labels printed in small batches, because there are no additional costs. Our digital labels are printed on roll and are designed for both: manual or automatic application using machines and labeling devices. Digital labels work well for both mass production as well as unit production. The big advantage that distinguishes digital labels is the possibility of printing many different graphic themes in small series and labels with variable data. In our online store you can order digital labels in a few simple steps using our online label calculator available below.


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Various types of stickers or digital labels have a wide range of applications. This applies to both private clients and companies. The universal application of digital labels and the ability to adapt the labels to your individual needs, makes them very popular. The digital printing technique makes it possible to print even small quantity of labels. The digital labels are distinguished by high-quality of print on various materials, papers and self-adhesive foils.

What are digital labels?

Digital labels are a form of custom printed stickers of any shape, size and design. Usually the digital labels are used to mark products or as a form od advertisement. Many labels are joining both functions, which makes them perfect marketing tool. Digital labels are used by almost all brands and industries: food, chemical or cosmetics. The low preparation cost makes them available for everyone, even for small companies that don’t have mass production of their products. With digital labels you have also the possibility to print several projects without the cost of new print form or die-cut form so you can print personalised labels even in small quantity.

Properties of digital labels

Digital labels available in our offer are distinguished by high print quality, great color saturation and low production costs. The labels are laser cut, so you can have a label in any shape without the cost of a die-cut form. What's more, it is very easy to change the data on the label design, so you can adapt it to the current needs of the company.

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