Labels on paper

Versatile paper labels

Paper labels come in all shapes and sizes, in semi-gloss white, with paper grammage of 81 g/m2. We print digitally in CMYK colours. The material is recommended for mass production and as an extra for products sold in units. Please note that paper labels are not as resistant to water or sun, but they are very versatile.


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Paper as a proven material

Selection of the material involves numerous dilemmas and question marks. What should the graphics be printed on to faithfully reflect the design? Manufacturers like paper. This choice is often justified with trust and attachment to tradition. This is also a universal material, which means that it is perfect for various industries – from food to advertising.

Use in the food industry

A label serves primarily as a source of information. It allows the customer to get acquainted with the product and its ingredients, nutrition facts, and allergens. This is of particular importance, as the contemporary customer has extensive knowledge of the food market. Consumers accordingly adapt the given product to their needs. On the other hand, the label should reach a broad consumer group to increase sales. Mass manufacturers are trying to provide a colourful logo and a brief but expressive message. Paper labels are perfect for this purpose.

Paper labels on glass

The best and most convenient application surface is glass. The smooth, semi-translucent texture makes it good for applying and removing labels. This solution is also good for returnable bottles. Whether the glass is plain or coloured, your design printed by us will definitely get some looks.

Printing method and file preparation

You can submit a finished graphical project together with your order – after you choose the size and shape. You can also submit the file as an attachment in an e-mail at a later time. Please remember to adapt the design to the designated safe zone or risk having the project excessively stretched out. For more about file preparation, please go to the upper tab of our website.

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