Personalized liquor bottle labels

Personalized liquor bottle labels

Liquors are strong alcoholic drinks made by distillation of fruits, vegetables and grains that passed already a process of alcoholic fermentation. The best-known different types of liquors are vodka, rum, tequila or whisky. Sometimes this term is used also for describing liqueurs. They are made by infusing fruits, herbs or even flower in alcohol and adding sugar. Sometimes they are distilled to gain flavor, clarity and percent of alcohol concentration, but it’s not very common, especially for liqueurs made at home. The distillation process requires special equipment and conditions which are hard to obtain in homemade production.

liquor bottle labels
personalized liquor labels

Tradition of making liquors

In many countries there exist a tradition of preparing home – made liquors and wines. The recipes are passed down from one generation to another. They can be made form different fruits, flowers, herbs or even vegetables or wood. Often the used products are typical for given region, e.g. the kumquat fruits used for making the liqueur on the Island of Corfu. This regional special is appreciated not only by locals but also by tourist from all over the world.

Some of the liquors are believed to be a homemade treatment for illnesses. A lot of herbal liqueurs where back then produced by monks in monastery and sold as medications during centuries. The long tradition is easy to see even today. The design of the packaging – bottles and custom liquor labels refers to historical process of making liquors in very traditional way. The liquor labels show us sometimes the pictures of traditional equipment or locations that are the homeland of given product.

Nowadays the liquors are usually base of cocktails and mixed drinks, but many like to enjoy them on their own or on the rocks. Especially the sweet liqueurs can be also used as an ingredient in dessert recipes or as an addition to coffee or cake.

Homemade liquors

Even though the production of homemade liquors is time consuming and sometimes requires a lot of knowledge, there are still a lot of people that decide to make them at home. The DIY trend that is spreading around the internet, popularizes making everything yourself with high-quality, organic ingredients. For your liqueurs you can choose ecological fruits or herbs planted in your own garden. In this way you can be sure that all the products have great quality and are from verified source.

No matter how complicated is the recipe that you follow, after the whole process the finished product is bottled. And how to make sure that you won’t confuse your cherry liqueur with the one made from strawberries? The easiest solution is to use the custom printed bottle labels.

Custom printed bottle labels

When you’re looking for your first personalized liquor labels you can choose from wide range of stickers for bottles. Some companies offer ready stickers designs that you can buy. This is the easiest solution, you don’t have to prepare a file, it’s enough to pick your favorite pattern. The disadvantage of this option is that you can’t really personalize your liquor labels. If you prefer to add some personal touch to sticker labels you should find a sticker manufacturer that offer fully personalized labels.

There are a lot of possibilities. Of course nowadays the easiest way it’s to search online for custom liquor labels. Some online shops offer ready templates that you can use adding your text or picture to already prepared file. You can also find the printing houses that propose fully personalized liquor bottle labels. In this case, there are no restrictions and you can really use your imagination to create your stickers for bottles. If you are making them only for yourself or you own the small company you should go for digital label printing. The digital technology lets you order even small quantities of custom liquor labels in perfect quality of full-color print. You can design not only the pattern printed on your custom liquor labels but also the shape. There are no limits, you can personalize the stickers so the liquor bottles will be a true decoration in your pantry or a great gift to your family and friends.

Of course, if you decided to make your home production into a business the personalized liquor bottle labels will be even more interesting solution for you. An original and creative label design can help your products to be noticed among others on the shop shelf.

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