Rectangular labels

Rectangular Labels

Attract your consumer and order rectangular labels matching the preferences and nature of your brand. Rectangular labels are perfect for people looking to ensure both aesthetics and information, which they will hold. Rectangular labels are usually used on products, which must include plenty of information in addition to the manufacturer’s logo and other trademarks. We offer top quality printing, fast fulfilment, professional support, and relatively low prices.

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Cosmetics, electronics, foodstuffs, or chemicals – labels are everywhere so customers can easily identify their favourite brands. Labelling is also the fastest and most economic way for companies to mark their products. And this solution is not limited to businesses, it’s also used by private individuals. Our offer includes rectangular labels, which are very practical and popular in various industries.

Rectangular labels in use

Rectangular sticker labels or tags are great for bottles. Rectangular labels are common on wines, vodkas, juices, or home liquors because they can hold a lot of necessary information. Rectangular labels can also be used as clothing tags. Everything depends on the design and types of selected materials.

Which rectangular labels should you choose?

Our offer includes rectangular labels made of various materials. You can choose from paper or white or transparent polyethylene foil. Furthermore, you can also choose the right label size to adapt it to the marked product as best as possible. We deliver rectangular labels on rolls, which means that they can be easily applied automatically or moved to boxes. We guarantee high print quality from ready projects.

Rectangular labels – low quantity, premium quality

LabelExpress uses digital printing, which means that we focus on quality and precision. We offer rectangular labels in low quantities at relatively low prices. You don’t have to pay a lot for a high quality product. Check our calculator to get a quote for your order or contact us directly.

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