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Juice labels for small and big bottles

Bottle labels are often used for juices, which come in both plastic and glass packaging. Juice bottles come in various sizes and with various expiration dates. Some juices expire after one day, others are good for longer. This is why the bottle labels and their parameters should be appropriate to the intended use. Visit our store to learn the price and order personalised bottle labels in just a few short steps with help of the online label calculator available below. All you need to do is enter the general parameters, i.e. the bottle label size, material for print, adhesive, and obviously the quantity. When you fill in all parameters, you will see the bottle label price and your order will be added to the basket. You can upload your graphics files right away before adding the labels to the basket or send them in later attached to an e-mail.


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Labels not only fulfil aesthetic purposes; they also provide information. This applies to e.g. food, which is the most frequently labelled product. On one hand, they serve marketing purposes as they let the customer recognise the brand, but on the other they should provide useful content such as the product’s ingredients. We can make high quality juice labels of various shapes and sizes, which will look great on store shelves. Thanks to the high quality digital print, our products are stylish, saturated, and clear.

Juice labels – what information should they include?

When picking the given product, the first thing we notice is the label. And this is why the label should be appropriately designed to attract potential customers. However, juice labels need to include additional information as established in Polish and EU regulations. This information includes the product name, production location, and best by date.

Juice labels offered by Label Express

We offer professionally printed juice labels of high quality. The labels may come in various shapes and sizes, which makes them suitable for various sizes of packaging. Juice labels must also be durable, which means that you need to choose appropriate materials and adhesives. We encourage you to place orders through our online form.

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