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Product labels on roll in personalized shape and size are the main part of our offer. You can easily order custom printed labels on roll with your own graphics. Our labels are multi-purpose and effective on many products in different fields. Thanks to winding the printed labels on roll in the final stage of production, accordingly to your choice, our labels are perfect for automatic application with specially designed machines for labelling products.

Digital printing of labels from 500 pieces without additional cost of die-cutting

Our labels are digitally printed. Digital print of labels allows the labels production in low prices even for small quantities or large orders with lots of different graphics. The label production process includes printing, laser cutting and putting the ready product on rolls. Thanks to laser cutting there is no need to prepare an additional dies that are always an additional cost for the client. Digital printing is a perfect choice for printing labels with variable data such as unique numeration of the products, bar codes, different graphics etc. which are used for promotional items and marketing events.

Labels print on various materials – paper labels and foil labels

The choice of the perfect label means not only choosing the size and preparing graphics but most of all, deciding which material and adhesive will suit best your project. We print our labels mostly on two basic materials: paper and polypropylene foil. When choosing your material, you should take into consideration two factors: the storage conditions of labelled packaging and the temperature of application of the custom printed stickers. Paper labels can be printed on white, semi-gloss paper which is available with standard acrylic adhesive, strong adhesive made on a base of rubber or easily-removable adhesive. You can also chose paper with metallic gold or silver finishing. Vinyl stickers are printed on white or transparent polypropylene foil.

Labelling products

The labels printed by our company are always put on roll which makes it possible to apply not only manually but also by automatic label applicators. For automatic application we recommend to chose the cardboard tubes with the diameter and orientation of the labels that suits your production line. For manual application you can select carton boxes, known also as dispensers, that will simplify the removal of a printed label from its liner. Labeling products is an important part of product branding and visual identification of a brand. It’s essential not only for mass production, but also for batch production and even for crafted goods produced in small quantities. The process of labeling, which means applying the labels on packaging, is a part of production process and has a large influence on costs and duration of production. That’s why, especially for mass production, the labeling process is mostly automated. In this case it’s crucial to order adhesive labels on roll with right roll diameter and label orientation.

Online label calculator – personalized labels

Personalized product labels let your brand stand out on the market and in the same time include all the information about the product and manufacturer that are required by the law. To make the process of ordering customized labels easier we share with you our price calculator. After introducing the basic information about your project (quantity, dimensions, material and shape) you will immediately see the price for custom printed labels. In the price calculator you can chose also the additional options such as packaging, the diameter of cardboard tube and the label orientation which is important for automatic label application. Thanks to the calculator you can easily check the price of the labels on roll and order personalized stickers for your products.

Production of self-adhesive labels – restrictions

We are producing personalized adhesive labels that are used directly on the products or on the packaging. We can print a label with any shape and size which is bigger than 20 x 20mm and the shorter side does not exceed the maximum od 320mm. The labels are printed on a base of graphic file sent by the client. It should be prepared according to the instructions that you can find on page FILE PREPARATION.

File with the graphic project of adhesive label

The graphic design should be prepared following the instruction available on page FILE PREPARATION. All the colors must be converted to CMYK and all the fonts should be changed into curves. The graphics have to be embed in the file and the file should be saved in pdf format. Only the files the properly designed according to our specification will be accepted for production.

You can upload the print file before adding the product to the cart or after ordering your custom printed labels by sending the file to [email protected]


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