Labels with acrylic adhesive

Universal acrylic adhesive labels

All labels printed on materials with standard adhesive are acrylic adhesive labels. Our online printing service offers foil and paper labels combined with adhesives, including standard adhesive. Acrylic adhesive labels are universal labels for application on most surfaces. They can be applied on foodstuffs and in extreme temperatures, usually between –40°C and 80°C. However, please remember that the ambient temperature during application of acrylic adhesive labels on products should not drop below 5°C. In our online store, you can order acrylic adhesive labels by choosing your material with standard adhesive. The labels are printed digitally, which makes it possible for us to provide high quality labels at attractive prices event when the ordered quantity is low. There are no additional blanking die costs. Please use the label calculator available below to get a price quote for labels of the parameters of your choice and place your order.


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Stickers labels are used mainly to mark products. They have extensive uses as they are encountered pretty much everywhere in all industries. The various labels can be used to tag goods on shelves, but they can also carry important information. You can adapt the label to your requirements. The most common are acrylic adhesive labels, which are removable.

Properties of acrylic adhesive labels

Acrylic adhesive labels stand out because they can be applied on all kinds of flat surfaces. They are extremely easy to apply, but their biggest advantage is the fact that they are just as easy to remove. This is a practical solution when you do not want to replace your labels with new ones. Acrylic adhesive is somewhat weaker than strong adhesives, but acrylic adhesive labels can still be successfully applied on dry and smooth surfaces.

Acrylic adhesive labels – order them from us

Our offer includes paper or foul labels with acrylic adhesive. This is the most popular adhesive, which is a factor in the low price. Depending on your individual needs, acrylic adhesive labels will fulfil their role for a very long time. You can place your orders through the form available on our website, where you can choose all of the most important label properties.

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