Self adhesive labels

Universal sticker labels in rolls

Sticker labels on rolls are the most popular kind of product labels. Sticker rolls are usually integral to the product’s packaging as they contain the most important information about the product itself, help “dress” the product in brand colours, and give it the expected appearance to ensure the right visual experience for the potential customer. You can order paper or foil stickers in the parameters of your choice from our store with ease. Our sticker labels are printed digitally to ensure high print quality and attractive prices, even if you are ordering small quantities. This is also the perfect solution when you need sticker labels with various printed themes or different information. The minimum order is for 500 labels with no additional costs for a blanking die. We process orders quickly and offer extensive support.

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Width (mm, minimum 20 mm)
Height (mm, minimum 20 mm)
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* Your labels ready in 24 hours

Terms and conditions for the promotion "Your labels ready in 24 hours", deadline: 10.01.2023-31.01.2023

Option available for:
  • Materials: paper and foil, standard adhesive,
  • Without additional refirements: varnish, lamination, perforation
  • Packing: 76.2mm, without specifying number of rolls
  • Form of orientation: options 1,2,3,4
  • The order should be placed by 12:00 p.m. In order to execute the order in the 24h dispatch mode, it is necessary for the customer to deliver properly prepared files.
Need help choosing a material or finish? Contact us!

Our online label printing service also offers sticker labels for customisation. To place an order, please use our online calculator where you can specify the label of your choice. We can also take non-standard orders according to the individual expectations of the customer. In such instances, you can use the contact form – please contact us. We are open to original ideas and are flexible enough to adapt to the requirements of our customers. Customer satisfaction motivates us in future orders. We offer round, rectangular, and oval labels. Thanks to the extensive selection and potential of personalised designs, our printing service offers complex solutions for entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and other people.

Sticker labels in low unit prices

We can offer sticker labels in attractive prices, including in low quantities, starting from 500. This is made possible thanks to the application of innovative digital printing, which considerably reduces the printing costs per label. We also ensure low prices for bigger orders, including those for various label print themes.

Sticker labels from LabelExpress

Our products stand out because of their quality and competitive prices. We offer paper and foil sticker labels of various shapes and sizes. The labels are packed in tubes or special boxes/dispensers, which makes them possible to apply both automatically and manually. When you choose sticker labels from our offer, you can be sure that the product you receive will be prepared with the utmost attention to detail. We guarantee fast and effective processing of your order and remain at your disposal if you should have any questions.

Sticker labels, which fulfil top quality standards

Our team is made up of experienced enthusiasts with knowledge of printing technologies, who are qualified graphic artists with a sense of aesthetics. We use cutting edge printing equipment based on innovative and advanced technologies. This means that our sticker labels fulfil very high quality standards. We pay attention to even the smallest details. We can make labels with small details or required product specifications. Furthermore, we also know the importance of barcodes on labels and make sure that our printouts are clear enough so that no scanners will have any trouble reading them. We also have waterproof labels. They are perfect for beer, which is usually kept refrigerated. We also prepared labels with acrylic and rubber adhesives. Both adhesives are dedicated for different surfaces. Please contact our consultants.

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