Semi-gloss paper

Universal paper used for printed full-color multi-purpose labels. It’s a smooth, white semi-gloss, wood free paper with GMS of 81g/m2. It’s machine coated on one side and calendered. The liner is made from brown smooth paper of 57 g/m2. The semi-gloss paper is the most popular material for custom printed labels that are used for short term exposition, and are not exposed to difficult weather conditions such as high humidity. Paper labels are used mostly on products that are stored in interiors and dry places. Semi-gloss paper is often used for printing labels applied on cardboard packaging, glass bottles and bulk packaging, but custom printed paper stickers can be applied many more surfaces. It is possible to use paper labels on food products. Paper stickers are susceptible to humidity and other external conditions so for the more demanding applications, they may be replaced by vinyl labels. It’s common in packaging industry.

Semi-gloss paper labels are available in white but also in silver and gold versions.

Available adhesives: standard, strong and easily-removable.

Polypropylene foil (PP foil)

Very popular, glossy foil with wide range of possible applications. Personalized labels are printed on white or transparent foil with the GMS of 46g/m2. This material is characterized by its large resistance, it’s insusceptible to water, grease and chemicals (acids, alkalis and alcohols), also mechanical damage (it can extend without ripping) and fading. Polypropylene vinyl labels are much more resistant than paper labels and they are used in places where the high durability is important. The material is perfectly suited for using on rigid surfaces. Due to their limited elasticity, they must be handled carefully on uneven surfaces and folding packaging as they may deform and loose their shape. The vinyl labels are popular in FMCG industry, mostly for marketing purposes. Foil stickers can be used on rigid packaging, frozen goods, or as special applications (ex. labels applied on tires).

Polypropylene foil labels are available in white, transparent and silver.

Available adhesives: standard, standard special, strong, opaque and easily-removable.

PET foil

PET foil is characterised by a much higher resistance to damage and unfavorable external conditions. Its structure provides high resistance to tearing, high temperatures and chemicals – higher than in case of PP polypropylene film. It is used in industry, as well as, for marking long-term goods, e.g. household appliances. It is also suitable for covering containers and barrels with chemicals.

PET foil labels are available in white.

Available adhesives: standard.

Standard adhesive

Standard permanent adhesive produce on the base of acrylic. Multi-purpose adhesive, applied on the majority of offered label materials. Commonly used, characterizes by good adhesion to most surfaces and the possibility of use in low temperatures. The minimal temperature of application it’s 5oC however already applied labels can be used in temperatures between -40oC - -20oC (depending on used materials) and 80oC. Standard adhesive can be used with food products.

Standard special adhesive

Special transparent permanent adhesive designed for difficult label application in low temperatures, form 0oC. It ensures good adhesion even on nonpolar surfaces such as HDPE packaging (cleaning products bottles, some food products packaging and pipes). It’s recommended for industries that use rigid packaging. We offer white polypropylene labels with standard special adhesive.

Strong adhesive

Strong, permanent, multi-purpose adhesive made on the base of rubber, available with most materials in our offer. It’s characterized by very strong adhesion. It can by used on many different surfaces: nonpolar, uneven or slightly curved. Strong adhesive keeps its very good properties in low temperatures, it’s great for labelling refrigerated products. It’s possible to apply in 0oC, and it can be use in the temperatures between -40oC and 70oC

Easily - removable adhesive

Multi-purpose acrylic adhesive that ensures easy removal of the previously glued label without damaging the surface. It enables the application of custom printed label in -15oC. Labels with easily-removable adhesive are designed mostly for polar surfaces (ex. on glass, steel, PET), most cardboards and recycled fibers. It adheres well to the surface, at the same time it lets the user easily remove the label, leaving the surface clean and untouched even after long-term use. Please notice that the easily-removable adhesive has low adhesion comparing to the permanent glues. Due to its specific properties, it’s recommended to make a test of adhesion before the use.

Opaque adhesive

Thanks to the additional layer of dye, labels made of foil with opaque adhesive are completely non-transparent. The foil with opaque adhesive is intended for printing labels suitable for complete coverage of the surface on which they are applied.

Available materials









Semi-gloss paper with standard adhesive81 g/m276 μmacrylicmin. 5oCfrom -20oC to 80oCnonresistantnonresistantDownload
Semi-gloss paper with strong adhesive81 g/m276 μmrubbermin. 0oCfrom -40oC to 70oCnonresistantnonresistantDownload
Semi-gloss paper with easily-removable adhesive81 g/m276 μmacrylicmin. -15oCfrom -30oC to 80oCnonresistantnonresistantDownload
Silver paper with strong adhesive84 g/m272 μmrubbermin. 0oCfrom -40oC to 70oCnonresistantnonresistantDownload
Gold paper with strong adhesive83 g/m264 μmrubbermin. 0oCfrom -40oC to 70oCnonresistantnonresistantDownload
White PP foil with standard adhesive46 g/m250 μmacrylicmin. 5oCfrom -40oC to 80oCresistantresistantDownload
White PP foil with strong adhesive45 g/m260 μmrubbermin. 0oCfrom -40oC to 70oCresistantresistantDownload
White PP foil with standard special adhesive59 g/m257 μmacrylicmin. 0oCfrom -20oC to 80oCresistantresistantDownload
White PP foil with easily removable adhesive45 g/m260 μmacrylicmin. -15oCfrom -30oC to 80oCresistantresistantDownload
White PP foil with opaque adhesive47 g/m261 μmacrylicmin. 5oCfrom -20oC to 80oCresistantresistantDownload
Transparent PP foil with standard adhesive46 g/m250 μmacrylicmin. 5oCfrom -40oC to 80oCresistantresistantDownload
Silver PP foil with strong adhesive51 g/m251 μmrubbermin. 0oCfrom -40oC to 70oCresistantresistantDownload
White PET foil with standard adhesive76 g/m250 μmacrylicmin. 5oCfrom -40oC to 150oCresistantresistantDownload