Transparent (clear) labels

Transparent labels- exceptional product presentation

Printing self-adhesive labels on transparent film ensures not only the functionality, but also the aesthetics of the packaging. Transparent labels make it possible to subtly display a product without obscuring it completely, which is particularly important for articles whose attractiveness largely depends on the visual impression. The labels do not obscure the contents, as in the case of white stickers, and appropriately selected graphics take on a delicate and elegant appearance, which can be important especially for premium products. The high transparency of the film guarantees the clarity of the print, which results in a better presentation of the graphics and content on the label.


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Transparent labels - applications

Transparent printed labels are used in a variety of industries and products. They can be used in the production of cosmetics, hygiene products, food products, hemp and essential oils, and many others. This type of sticker works well on plastic packaging, glass or plastic bottles, as well as on cardboard packaging, giving a wide range of applications.

We offer a wide range of personalization options for labels on the roll for manufacturers of food, beverages, cleaning and care products. With the additional option of protection with a laminate, we guarantee that the labels will be resistant to mechanical effects and will retain their aesthetic qualities for a longer period.

High quality from LabelExpress

The transparent labels we offer are a high quality product, ensuring durability and resistance to mechanical damage. The high resolution digital printing that we provide guarantees the readability of even the smallest font. This is especially important when there is a large amount of text on the label. This makes it easy for customers to read the relevant information on the packaging. Our range of transparent label printing also allows for flexibility in ordering. We print from as little as 500 pieces, which helps to save money. Furthermore, it is possible to dynamically update the content and design at no additional cost. In this way, our customers can rest assured that their labels will always be up-to-date and aligned with current standards and market requirements.

Transparent labels in any shape

At the LabeExpress online print shop, you can order transparent labels in various shapes to suit your needs. Digital label printing enables the production of high-quality labels at attractive prices even for small print runs. An additional major advantage is that there is no need to produce a template at an additional cost to achieve the desired shape of the transparent label, because the digital labels in our printing shop are laser cut, so your order will be delivered to you even in 72h. If you need different designs within one order, no problem. Our personalization service, based on digital printing technology, also allows you to add variable data on the labels, such as the serial number or product batch number.

Transparent labels with white overprint

At LabelExpress, in addition to the standard CMYK palette, we also print transparent labels with white ink. Printing transparent stickers with white ink is a great way to achieve interesting visual effects on different types of surface. With this process, you can achieve contrasting and clear graphics even on transparent materials, which in turn opens up many design possibilities.

The use of white ink as a subprint on labels allows for:

  1. Greater legibility: On surfaces such as glass or plastic, white ink can act as a background for coloured or black elements, significantly increasing the legibility of the information on the label.
  2. Clearer colours: With white ink as a subprint, the colours printed on a transparent substrate become more intense and distinct, making products more eye-catching and standing out on the shop shelf.
  3. The possibility of creating special effects: White ink can be used to create a variety of special effects, such as highlighting parts of the label, creating colour gradients or even adding texture.
  4. Versatility: Thanks to the ability to print with white ink, your labels can be used on a variety of surfaces, increasing the versatility of your range and adapting to the different needs of your customers.

However, it is important to choose the right printing techniques and materials to achieve the desired results. The substrates you mentioned - cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, furniture boards, lacquered surfaces - vary in texture and properties, so it is essential to understand which techniques will work best for each.

Order your transparent labels with personalized print today and grow your business with us!

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