Bottle labels

Customised bottle labels for various purposes

All sizes of bottle labels are printed on paper or polypropylene foil. The selected adhesive depends on the purpose. The labels make for great stickers for bottles containing beverages, cosmetics, various food products, oils, etc. They can be used as you choose. All our labels come in rolls, which means that they can be applied to products both automatically and manually – the latter way being recommended for smaller production batches. Thanks to digital printing, we can make high quality labels at very reasonable prices, even when you order only a few and with different prints. Now it’s easy to order labels. It just takes a few steps. Enter the label quantity, dimensions, and material and order your bottle labels.


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Our professional online printing service specialises in printing of all kinds of different labels. Our offer includes high quality bottle labels available in various versions. We are open to all kinds of orders. Our customers can count on fast processing time and high print quality. We approach every order on an individual basis. We offer round, oval, and rectangular labels. We have extensive experience and knowledge in printing techniques and computer graphics. Together with our passion and sense of aesthetics, this means that we have a flexible approach to the requirements of our customers and are able to make original bottle labels to respond to your expectations and potential.

Bottle labels - application

The LabelExpress labels are great for products such as the following:

  • mineral water bottles
  • wine bottles
  • beer bottles
  • vodka bottles
  • food bottles
  • cosmetics bottles

Our labels can be applied in various ways and we approach every order on an individual basis, which means that you can customise your order as you please. We are also aware that all stickers – whether they go on beer or honey – must satisfy specific requirements. This means that the bottle labels must often hold plenty of information and – when the products are intended for mass distribution – the barcode as well. In such instances, it is very important to make sure that all data and the code are legible. Our online printing service offers optimal equipment, which lets us process our projects with high accuracy. We tend to the smallest details, which distinguish our bottle labels. A detailed and accurate print offers high aesthetics and even the smallest barcodes are easily read by scanners.

Bottle labels for attractive prices

We print labels in quantities from 500 up digitally, which means that we can guarantee high quality and competitive per-label prices even for the minimum batch. We print labels in various quantities for both Polish and international customers. Visit our online store for an individual price quotation for your bottle stickers or take advantage of one of our ready solutions (available in the Promotions tab).

Paper bottle labels from LabelExpress

We highly recommend our paper bottle labels. Their prices are attractive and they are perfect for both glass and plastic bottles. The stickers can be applied to products automatically or manually.

Waterproof bottle labels

Our offer includes waterproof labels. Such stickers are particularly important when it comes to beer or wine labels, as such products are often kept in refrigerators. Furthermore, waterproof labels are also great for cosmetics or bubble bath liquids, which are kept in bathrooms and come into contact with water.

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