Labels with rubber adhesive

Rubber adhesive labels for difficult surfaces

The labels we manufacture on materials with a strong adhesive are rubber adhesive labels. They come in foil or paper versions. Rubber adhesive labels offer good viscosity on most surfaces, even those less suitable, non-polar, slightly rough, or slightly warped. Please note that rubber adhesive labels should not be used in places, which will be exposed to temperatures below -20oC. In this case, it is recommended to apply acrylic adhesive. We print all our labels digitally and use materials supplied by known and reputable manufacturers in order to provide you with top quality labels at attractive prices, even when you order low quantities. We encourage you to take advantage of the calculator below to get a price quote and place your order. To order rubber adhesive labels, please choose the material to be combined with the strong adhesive.


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The labels differ not only in scope of the design and visual identity, but also the material used to make them and the used adhesive, which makes it possible to apply the labels on various surfaces. You have a choice of standard adhesives with average viscosity and the stronger ones like rubber adhesive, which is also known as strong adhesive.

Rubber adhesive labels – what makes them stand out?

Rubber adhesive is very durable and offers high viscosity. It is also very strong and holds even the toughest surfaces. This means that rubber adhesive labels can be applied to rough or uneven surfaces. And rubber adhesive is waterproof and resistant to low temperatures, which means that such labels can be used to mark frozen goods.

Where can rubber adhesive labels be applied?

Rubber adhesive labels can be used everywhere where you need to mark products with particularly problematic surfaces. Rubber adhesive is extremely strong and guarantees that the applied labels will stick in even the most difficult conditions. We offer it together with most available materials, which means you can create labels best suited to your needs. Please contact us if you should have any additional questions.

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