Beer labels

Labels for beer made in small and large breweries

Our offer includes beer labels in any quantities, starting from 500 and all the way up to bulk numbers. This is why our products make the perfect labels for craft beer made by small local breweries where there is less demand for labels, but also for mass-produced beer. The digital label printing process makes it possible to print various themes in smaller quantities: in this case these would be e.g. labels for a single beer brand of different varieties (labels for wheat beer, lager, dark beer, flavoured beer, etc.). Beer bottle labels will add some class to the packaging, strengthen the brand’s visual identity, and fulfil the manufacturer’s information responsibility towards consumers.


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Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Poland. High quality customised beer labels will make your product stand out and help build the image of your brand. Our labels can be used by both large and small breweries. We offer high quality digital print to produce tremendous quality beer labels, in small quantities as well.

What kind of beer labels?

When you are ordering beer labels, you need to consider certain legal requirements. According to current regulations, beer labels should be legible and durable and contain the following information:

  • name of the foodstuff with information on the type of beer
  • ingredients (for beers with ABV under 1.2%)
  • quantity of ingredients or categories of ingredients (in certain cases)
  • net product volume
  • expiration date
  • manufacturer’s details
  • country of origin
  • instruction manual (e.g. instructions to shake before use)
  • ABV (mandatory for beers with ABV over 1.2%)
  • energy value
Furthermore, if your beer is intended to be manufactured, it must have a clear barcode. The barcode must be printed in very high quality with an innovative and accurate printing device in order to read it with a scanner without any trouble. Our beer labels are perfect to hold all required information and the barcode.

Beer labels from LabelExpress

You can visit our website to access a special calculator, which includes all available label printing options. You can use it to customise your order as you see fit as our beer labels come in various sizes, shapes, and versions. If you should have any questions about our beer labels or other products in our offer, please contact us and we will do our best to dispel your concerns.

Labels customised to needs

We have years of experience, a sense of aesthetics, and knowledge in printing techniques and computer graphics. We are also flexible and open to new and original ideas, which means that we can create unique beer labels as well. We strive to fulfil the needs and requirements of our customers to the best of our ability. We make both rectangular and oval labels. The offered sticker labels are a quick way to label your beer. You can apply them by hand or automatically, which makes things considerably easier when you have a big assortment.

Stylish and durable beer labels

Our website offers beer labels made with the utmost care. We tend to every detail with the help of professional and advanced equipment to ensure that our beer labels have a stylish appearance. We also offer waterproof labels, something very important in the case of beer, which is often kept in refrigerators. We also offer various types of adhesives.

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