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Customised brand stickers for your products

Sticker labels with all kinds of graphics can be used mainly as brand stickers to mark corporate products. They are sometimes informative, sometimes more promotional, and sometimes fulfil both functions on an even plane. Our brand stickers are printed on two basic materials, i.e. paper and polypropylene foil. You can choose brand stickers on white, silver, and gold paper or white, silver, or transparent pp foil. For certain versions, you also have a choice of a material combined with various adhesives, which determines the properties of the label in application and use. You can buy brand stickers from our online store with no assistance whatsoever. Just go to the calculator, enter the basic parameters, add the labels to the basket, and fill in the shipping details. Your customised brand stickers will be ready within 3 days.


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Brand stickers are an inexpensive, interesting, and extremely effective way to promote your company – no wonder they’re so popular. Right now almost all companies use brand stickers for promotional purposes. These are usually stickers with the company’s logo, although brand stickers with slogans or graphics are becoming more popular. Brand stickers are added to orders in online stores and can be applied on a product to distinguish it from others.

Brand stickers - why?

Attractive brand stickers are a great way to increase brand recognition. The company’s logo plays an important role here as it serves as its calling card and should appear on stickers. Statistically, most people are visual observers and tend to remember images – you can take advantage of this and create a visually attractive logo.

Brand stickers offered by LabelExpress

Our online printing service offers top quality brand stickers in large, medium, and small quantities (starting with 500). We can print the stickers in all shapes and sizes according to your preferences. Furthermore, you can customise you order of brand stickers any way you please. All of the options are supported by our label calculator, which lets you define the order and check its price. For non-standard orders where the proposed options are not enough, please contact us to make your individual arrangements. We are very flexible and open to unique ideas. We will adapt our offer to the needs of each customer. We make customised projects and know how to cooperate with efficiency in order for the brand stickers to fulfil even the most demanding expectations.

Brand stickers – ready bottle labels

The brand stickers made for your company can make great honey or jar labels. Thanks to the production process with attention to every detail, our stickers are very stylish. We use cutting edge and technologically advanced printing devices, which can apply even the smallest of details onto the stickers. This is very important, because the barcode has to be readable with scanners without any problems. And this means that brand stickers can also be used as labels. All you need to do is stick them on your products!

Brand stickers as marketing tools

Brand stickers can be used not just on products, but also for purposes of marketing activity. They can promote various events or services. A thoughtfully designed and developed sticker will definitely attract attention of the target group. Brand stickers can be handed out at conferences, concerts, and other events to serve as the calling card of the company or given brand. In turn, the attractive appearance may encourage the people who receive them to stick them in places where they will be visible to others.

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