Oval labels

Oval labels not only carry important information about the product or manufacturer. They are also intended to attract the attention of the consumer with their aesthetics. As a company with years of experience, we can guarantee an individual approach to every order and appropriate care. We can make oval labels, but also ones in the shape of your choice. We pay attention to every detail in the design, the printing quality, the delivery time, and an honest price. Oval labels are perfect for all kinds of jars, bottles, tubes, or boxes.


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Labelling is one of the easiest but most effective ways to mark products in various industries. Labels often appear as stickers, which are easy to apply on various types of packaging and goods. They are usually aimed to inform or warn customers of the given product or brand. However, the most important thing is the fact that such stickers are often the thing customers recognise. Oval labels are very popular as they have an interesting shape and universal application.

Universal oval labels

A label should be both stylish and functional. This means that you should establish the most important information to appear on it in the designing stage. Oval labels will look good on things like plastic bottles or elongated containers. Their shape means that they can hold plenty of different information at the same time, but you need to remember to make sure that the information is legible to the consumer.

Oval labels offered by Label Express

We offer high quality oval label printing on the materials of your choice. You can use our form to choose whether your labels will be made out of foil or paper and their sizes. You can also attach a complete design to ensure that we will provide you with digitally printed oval labels, which will definitely fulfil your expectations.

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