Labels for jars

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Labels for jars with food products and cosmetics

Foil or paper labels for jars are very popular because a lot of food and cosmetics are packed in jars, mainly glass ones. However, to give the product character and fulfill the obligation about the customer information, it is worth considering jar labels as a mandatory element of packaging. Our online label printing house allows you to order labels for jars in any quantity from 500 pieces in a few simple steps. Labels for jars are printed in digital technology, which ensures high quality or print and favorable prices at the same time. Even with small quantities and different printing motifs. The labels for jars printed in our printing house are laser cut, which allows you to avoid additional costs associated with the production of the die-cut form. We encourage you to use the online label calculator below.


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As a printing house specialized in label printing for years, we can offer you top-quality and competitive prices. We print, among others, labels for jars according to individual customer requirements. We offer paper and foil labels of various shapes and dimensions - it is possible to customize labels according to your needs and requirements. Thanks to our price calculator, you can easily get a quotation and place an order for personalized labels for jars.

Labels for jars - application

Each product intended for sale should have a label containing basic information about it. This also applies to jars with preserves, honey or other food products. Labels for jars, however, are more than just functionality and the need to meet legal requirements. It is also worth using the label for marketing purposes. The high-quality, attractive jar sticker catches the eye and sets the product apart from many others. The labels for jars are therefore a great opportunity for advertising. In addition, stickers for jars that are intended for sale must have a bar code. It requires high quality printing so that the reading devices can easily identify the product. Due to the fact that we use high-class, advanced printing equipment, it is possible to accurately reproduce complicated patterns as well as small bar codes. We create labels for jars with special attention to every detail. This allows us to provide our clients with rectangular or oval labels of the highest quality.

Custom labels for jars from LabelExpress

Our personalized labels for jars are a great choice. We offer affordable labels in low and high volumes. We are convinced that our labels will meet your quality requirements. We provide quick delivery times and multilingual customer service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the offer, please contact us. Our team consists of professionals who have many years of experience, aesthetic sense, as well as knowledge about the latest printing technologies. All this, combined with passion and flexibility makes us open to unusual ideas and suggestions from our clients. As a result, the labels for jars created in our digital printing house are a response to all your expectations.

Durable labels for jars

Our online printing offer includes damage resistant labels and moisture resistant labels. It is ideal if the jars contain products that require refrigeration, as well as labels that can be easily damaged, e.g. during transport. In addition, you can also choose an adhesive, depending on your requirements. You can order labels for jars with acrylic glue or rubber glue. The wide selection makes the offer complete and every customer will certainly find something tailored to his expectations.

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