The role of adhesive product labels in creating brand image

The role of adhesive product labels in creating brand image

Designing a new product you should think about a brand identity that you want to create in your customers. It’s the general perception of your mark that you would like your customers to have, so all the expectation and memories taken together that influence the decision of choosing one product over another.

The product packaging is often considered an integral part of the product and it’s of the key elements of building clients awareness of the brand. That’s why you can find many articles about its importance and influence on the customer’s perception of the product. Through good designed packaging you can create not only great first impression but also an emotional connection with your clients. A very quick and affordable solution to change or enrich your packaging design is to use a custom printed adhesive labels. Within a minute you can transform a simple package into a colorful and eye-catching innovative design by using custom printed labels.

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Main functions of the packaging

The base role of the packaging is to protect your product. It’s already the firs element to think of when creating your brand image. You want your clients to have confidence and trust that the product they buy won’t be crushed or damaged. Buy offering the product in good appearance and condition you are able to build a strong relationship with your customer. Relationship building is considered also as one of the key functions of the packaging. Very often your customer will see the packaging not only during the purchase, but long after it, during each use of your product. If you decided to use personalized labels, you should think about their durability. The label but also the printing should last until the last use of the product. That’s why digitally printed labels are great solution. The UV print is resistant and for very demanding products you can use lamination on your personalized labels. Then, they will keep their great looks for a long time. If in addition to beautiful design your product can make it’s users life easier, they will surely appreciate it.

The packaging is a great tool of communication between the manufacturer and the customer. Except the information that is required by the law you can add also all the things that you what your customer to know about the company and how your product is different from others. Using sticker labels you can fully customize your packaging and include all the information that you need.

The role of the package is really important also in selling process. It’s your last opportunity to convince the patron to buy your product. The customer spends on average 1,5 seconds to look at your product and decide what to buy, so if you are able to catch his attention during this short time you succeeded. If you decided to offer your clients some special discounts or new offers, but you don’t want to change the main design of your product, you can introduce small changes by using self-adhesive personalized labels.

How to design your packaging

When designing your packaging, you should think about all of its functions. First, it has to protect the product but also catch the attention of your customers and express the identity of your brand. Finding the right balance between the looks and function will allow you to offer your clients the best quality. It’s important that the customers are able to recognize your products on the shelf, so the packaging of all your products should be consistent. Very useful solution is to use the self-adhesive labels. You can design one packaging for the whole line of your products and then use different colors of sticker labels to distinguish ex. different tastes. You can look for digitally printed labels that give you the opportunity to print small quantity of one design. It’s affordable solution for all the manufacturers that offer wide range of products, but in small series or online stores.

If you are selling your products online, you can also think about an original and safe packaging for shipping. The cartons that are used for delivering the packages are usually strong, but grey and boring. You can easily turn it into something special by creating your own custom printed labels. By personalizing your stickers you will make your products stand out and your company will stay in the memory of your clients.

By packaging design you can indicate which group of customers you are referring to. Creating personalized labels on metallic materials or using refinements you can create an image of a premium product. Large, colorful custom printed labels are great for products for children etc. The graphic design is as important as the use of right materials. You can choose from wide range of paper and vinyl labels. The choice will depend on many factors but the printed labels that you chose, should be always high quality and resistant. The packaging design doesn’t always have to be rich in color and bold, but it should always reflect the identity and personality of the brand. If you are able to create that image for your customers, your brand will succeed.