Self-adhesive square labels

Self-adhesive square labels

Adhesive labels used to mark products are available in various shapes and sizes. Customers usually choose labels of standard and regular shapes, i.e. square labels, rectangular labels, round labels, or oval labels, which can be applied to most products. However, there are no restrictions when it comes to production of labels, which can be printed and cut in any shapes and sizes according to the client’s needs and concepts.

The best label shape depends on numerous aspects and there is no single standard. It all depends on the label’s purpose, the graphic theme used for product identification, and mainly on the size and shape of the packaging, on which the advertising stickers or information labels will be used.

Proper label shape is very important because it directly determines the aesthetics of the labelled product. Labels applied directly on products can have various purposes: information, visual product identification, warning, or instruction. Label colours and aesthetics determine the perception of our products among potential consumers. Labels advertise and should not be underestimated. The product itself can be detailed and well thought out, it may be the best on the market, but when the packaging is not visually detailed and does not include all important sales information, it will not attract the interest of the consumer.

Square labels are perfect for regular straight objects, i.e. product packages like big and small cardboard boxes and all kinds of standard jars. They can be used as stickers on spices, honey, etc. Label patterns can be diverse, but the square label shape provides a clear advertising and informative message with content in order. In certain uses of adhesive labels, the choice of square stickers is determined by not only style but also by practical aspects, which are required by the presented information. OR codes are an excellent example here, which, if printed alone, always cover the shape of a square. The choice of label shape should consider aesthetics, presented content, and restrictions imposed by the labelled packaging.

Our store offers square labels in the most popular sizes and in custom sizes defined by the client. You can quickly and easily place a label order by choosing one of the predefined shapes and sizes or set a custom size and shape for your labels. The only limitations are the minimum and maximum sizes of the labels we print. Label printing covers adhesive stickers with minimum dimensions of 20 x 20 mm and maximum unit formats of 320 x 1000 mm or 320 x 320 mm for square labels. Like all other shapes, square labels are printed on various materials, depending on the needs and expectations. A popular label printing material is paper because paper labels are among the least expensive ones available on the market. It should be noted that paper labels are perfect for products stored indoors in space, which is dry and devoid of low temperatures. The purpose of the label is very important because paper is not suitable for products stored in humid space. These require foil adhesive labels, which offer superior durability and considerably more resistance to external factors. When it comes to foil labels, we have the choice of polypropylene (PP foil) labels or polyester (PET foil) labels. The more popular is polypropylene foil, which is resistant to water, oil, and other liquids and comes in white and see-though (transparent labels).

All of our printed labels are printed digitally, which ensures top printout quality and proper colour saturation at low unit costs even in small quantities. Digital printing is the best solution when we need small label quantities or big quantities of diverse label patterns.