Self-adhesive oval-shaped labels

Self-adhesive oval-shaped labels

All products available for sale are marked with various types of labels for aesthetic, informative, warning, or legal purposes. The most popular labels are printed adhesive stickers because they are very easy to apply and can be quickly stuck onto the product. Consumers and users come in contact with labels every day. They analyse their content to make the right purchase or follow the image on the label in choose their favourite product. The content and form of the label is very important and should be appropriately considered to keep from excessively frequent changes of its image.

The clients who chose our product once repeat their purchases driven by the label graphics. The choice of the proper shape is a very important element in the label creation process. The label format is very important from the marketing standpoint as it affects the brand’s image and its perception among current and potential clients. The label shape itself is not the only aspect, which should be considered in the decision on the final design. So what else is noteworthy? Definitely the content and the remaining elements to go on the label, as well as the material and purpose of the packaging, its shape and size, and the product storage form. The potential options of label shapes are pretty much unlimited. The most popular are the standard regular formats, which include squares, rectangles, circles, or ovals. There are also custom-shape labels personalised to meet specific client expectations. When we are choosing the specific label shape and size, we should consider its main function and presented message before we submit it for printing and use it on our products.

One of the most popular shapes of adhesive labels is oval, which is perfect for labelling bottles, plastic containers, etc. Our store offers the choice of predefined formats, which are the most popular ones among our clients, or the client can define a custom label size. Thanks to this solution, you can either take advantage of our suggestions or select the size of your choice to perfectly fit your needs. We will print the labels in the format you choose as long as the unit size falls between 20 x 20 mm and 320 x 1000 mm.

Oval labels can be used for multiple purposes. They often act as marketing stickers to make product packaging more attractive and display the company logo and advertising slogan while presenting important information like ingredients, materials, origin, and shelf life. Oval label models are most frequently seen on bottles of alcoholic beverages like beer and liquor (which are often vertically oriented colour oval labels) or juices. This format also looks well on jars with preserves, e.g. honey labels, condiment labels (e.g. limited product series), seasoning labels, but also on all kinds of other packages as supplementary advertising stickers with information on limited promotions.

Like in the case of the other predefined standard shapes, when you choose oval adhesive labels you can also choose the material on which they are printed. The choice of material is also an important aspect of label production and depends mainly on the conditions used to store the labelled products. If the products are stored indoors and not exposed to humidity or low temperatures, you can choose one of the least expensive solutions: paper labels. For more demanding uses, we suggest labels printed on polypropylene foil, which is much more durable and resistant to water, oil, and other liquids. PP foil comes in white or see-through – transparent labels. It should be noted that paper labels will never be as durable as foil label irrespectively of their display conditions. All of our labels are wound onto special rolls of various diameters, i.e. cores, which allow them to be applied both manually, e.g. with a special box (dispensers) to make work easier, and automatically with automatic labelling devices (simple labellers, advanced labelling devices). Adhesive label rolls are currently used to label products in all industrial sectors as they present a convenient, quick, and ergonomic solution.