Key elements required on a product label

Key elements required on a product label

Product labels are really important part of products packaging. They are not only a marketing tool, but most of all, a source of information about the goods that we are selling. There are many regulations that enumerate all the elements that are required on product label. Each country or group of countries like EU have different regulations so if your company is planning to expand and export produced goods, you should check that apply abroad. The most restrictions concern food, but there are a lot of things that are important for every product label.

Key elements required on a product label
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Product labels on packaging – general information

Every sticker label that you can see on the packaging, no matter which product category we will take into consideration, it has to contain information about what’s in the packaging and the manufacturer. The name of the product is essential, just like the name and the address of the manufacturer or the company that imported the product to the given country. Every product label has to be legible and easy to find on the packaging. When designing your personalized product label, you should make sure that the font you choose is large enough and the quality of printing is good enough for the letters to be easy to read.

On each product label you should also find information about the size, quantity or weight of the whole product contained in the packaging. The units of measurements should be proper for the country of sale. The same rule applies to the language used. All of the elements on the product label should be easily understandable for the customer, so it is necessary to use the language of the country that you are selling your product in. It is important to include only clear and true information about your goods. The manufacturers are also obligated by the law to provide the users with all necessary information to protect them from any hazard associated with the use of the product.

For some products there are some additional regulations concerning labels. The cosmetics and food have to have the list of ingredients, the household goods should have energy labeling or CE marking. There are also some elements that are not mandatory, but definitely worth including in your label projects. You should consider adding for example: directions for use or some additional certifications (of course if you have proof that your products have this specific certificate).

Product labels on food

All sticker labels used for marking the food usually should have a lot more details than labels on other groups of products. Of course, the name of the product is the key element. Usually the food packaging requires also: list of ingredients, minerals, caloric value, typical serving size and a list of allergens, at least the most typical ones like milk, eggs, nuts, wheat or soybeans. It the packaging is very small and there is not enough space to list all the ingredients, it is possible to add an address to the webpage where the complete list is provided. Very important is also the best before date. All of those should be place somewhere on the packaging where it will be easy for customer to find and read the information.

Some manufacturers are including on the product labels some propositions of serving or a bar code, but those are not mandatory elements. If you decide to place on your sticker labels any additional information such as gluten-free, organic or light, you should make sure that your product has all the specifications and meets all the requirements. The food labels can’t include any false or misleading information. Labelling your product organic or ecologic surely can boost its sales but if any of the data is false, you can expect not only losing the trust of your customers, but sometimes even legal consequences.

Properties of labels

Adhesive product labels have to be durable and resistant. It concerns both: material used for the label production and print. It’s the only way for the customized product label to serve as informative tool for the customers buying our product. The product label has to resist transport and storage conditions, different temperatures etc. It’s really important to choose the material that meets all of our expectations. On the market we can find a wide range of materials for printing labels. There are papers which are an economic solution or adhesive vinyl which are used for more demanding expositions. Also, the key factor to take into consideration if you’re making your custom product labels is choosing a right adhesive. Thanks to the right solution, our custom printed labels cannot only describe our product but also be its decoration and catch the attention of the customer.

Product label design

All products that are sold in stores have to have a product label. Therefore, the manufacturers are using the custom printed product labels as a marketing tool. What you want to say about your product? How to make it stand out on shop shelf? Custom printed labels let us distinguish the product from tons of others similar goods in store. They also help the brand to be remembered and stick in customers mind for long time. Digital print is a great solution for label printing. You can print even small quantities in only few days. The UV digital print on custom stickers is very durable. You can design your full-colored projects without restrictions and any additional cost. A lot of companies offer also the labels in any chosen shape.

In our shop you can find a wide range of custom printed labels on roll. If you have any questions about our custom stickers please contact us or visit our website where you can fide the price calculator for personalized labels.