Custom honey labels – how to choose the best stickers for your product?

Custom honey labels – how to choose the best stickers for your product?

Personalized honey labels are highly used not only by large manufacturers of natural and artificial honey but also by beekeepers that want to sell their products on local farmer markets. Custom printed honey labels are nowadays so easily available and cost effective that you can use them even if you’re producing honey just for yourself and your family. The use of personalized honey jars labels lets you not only inform your clients about the product, but also show the customer your brand. Nowadays there’s a lot of honey labels available on the market. You can choose form wide range of materials and glues and what’s more, you can choose almost any size and shape you want. The most important, especially for small honey producers is that you can make your custom printed honey labels even in very small quantity.

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custom honey labels

Marking honey on the product labels

Every product manufacturer and seller has an obligation to describe his product: its origin and all ingredients, on the packaging. The best solution to do it, it’s to use a custom printed product label. The restrictions may vary according to the country, but in general, all the products on the market have to be labeled. It concerns also the honey. The product label have to include the full name of the product, weight, best before date and of course name and the address of the producer. The weight or volume should be given in the unit proper to the country of sale. It is also important to give the country of production (or group of countries, in some cases it’s acceptable to use the term “produced in EU”).

In case of honey it's important to know that not all the products are allowed to be label as such. The name “honey” can be used only for natural products. For all other products, they need to have an additional information about the ingredients and a special notice that it's “artificial”. In this case, it's necessary to add also the list of ingredients. For the honey that is completely natural you don't have to add the list on honey jar labels.

For the beekeepers it's well--known that some kinds of honey are susceptible to crystallizing. However, the customers can be confused by the unusual look of the honey, and they can think that it's spoiled. In this case, it is a good idea to provide a short explanation on the honey jar label that the process of crystallization is normal and the honey is still good to consumption.

Personalized honey stickers – paper or vinyl?

Custom printed adhesive label are perfect solutions for marking the product. They can be used by large manufacturers for labeling their packaging by specially designed machines. Personalized stickers are also great for home production of small batches of products that are sold on farmers market and online. The honey jar labels can be printed on paper or in vinyl. What are the differences and how to choose the best material for you? First, you should take into consideration the conditions of storage and exposition. Paper honey stickers are economical and easy solution that is perfect for dry storage spaces. Unfortunately paper will not resist the water and humidity. For more demanding exposition the use of vinyl labels is recommended. And what material to use for your custom printed honey stickers? The proper storage of honey requires mild temperature and dry conditions, so the paper honey bottle or jar stickers will be sufficient. They won't be destroyed by water and at the same time they let you add personal touch to your honey jars. The self-adhesive paper will work well on plastic and glass jars and various different containers such as bottles, etc. You can also choose to mark with the custom honey labels the lids instead of the jars themselves.

Honey jar labels in small quantities

Among honey producers there are a lot of beekeepers that sell their product on local farmer markets or online in their shops with organic food. They want their honey jars to look professional, but it's not a mass production so they don't need a lot of 5000 labels in each order. Especially when they are producing several kinds of honey. In this case, the best solution is to search for digital printed honey labels. They have really good print quality and the printout is resistant so the honey labels stay attached to the product throughout its life cycle. Digitally printed honey stickers are usually offered in different custom shapes and sizes so it's easy to find the ones that fit your containers. For most cases you can also choose the orientation of your custom honey labels so it will be easier for you if you're using a label application machine. And of course, when honey labels are digitally printed you can order them in small quantities.

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