Adhesive labels printing house

Labo Print S.A., the owner of Label Express brand, is a professional printing house for adhesive labels. From years now we are providing our clients with best quality services and solutions. We guarantee the highest standard of our adhesive labels offered in attractive prices. We are addressing our offer to large companies that are in need of large quantities of printed labels on roll but also for smaller manufacturers that are ordering small series of labels. We are trying our best to deliver the highest quality product all while maintaining best prices on the market. We can assure you that we are experts in our field of label printing.

Label Express – online printing house of adhesive labels

We decided to start an online shop for all the clients who want receive the price quotation within couple minutes. We believe that thanks to our online platform the ordering process will be faster and easier for you. If you are interested in receiving a quotation for your personalized labels roll, please use our label price calculator which is available on our website.

Adhesive Digital labels on the roll

Best quality personalized labels

As a professional printing house dedicated to printing adhesive labels, we guarantee our clients the best quality of our products. You can personalize all the labels from our offer, we can print the adhesive labels in many different shapes, on various materials. We invite you to check our offer and find out all the details of our promotional prices.

Digital label printing

Our modern machine park allows us to print digitally adhesive labels in highest quality. On one production line we can print and cut the printed labels. Personalized labels are cut by laser, so there is no need of producing additional die cut forms and we are able to maintain the low cost of production even for small quantities of labels.

Thanks to our rich experience in adhesive labels printing we can we can provide you with the best custom printed labels on roll, produced with the newest technologies. The Ink Jet UV print technology lets us print the product labels in highest quality. The unique composition of inks that are cured by exposure to UV-light ensures the high resistance of our labels and gives them the shiny finishing that makes them not only durable but also elegant.

Label printing machine Adhesive labels printing house

What labels do we print?

We are printing the self-adhesive labels on roll. They are mainly used for marking the products and as a marketing tool. Usually adhesive labels on packaging are set up for informative and visual purpose. For some cases, such as bulk packaging, transport labels or bar codes, labels have to be strictly informative and the aesthetics doesn’t play any role. Label printing is strictly connected with packaging industry and is very important in warehouse inventory management and automatic identification of products with barcodes.

Restrictions in labels printing

Nowadays there are a lot of different possibilities for printing adhesive labels. You can choose between various technologies, materials, adhesives but also shapes, sizes and new solutions such as printing variable data on your labels. Even with those wide range of possibilities, like every production line, also adhesive label printing has some restrictions. The smallest size of the label that we can produce is 20mm x 20mm. For the largest labels, the shorter edge can’t be longer than 320mm. We can cut the labels with maximum size of 320mm x 1000mm.

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Digital labels printing house – great price without minimum order quantity

Our printing house is a great choice for you, no matter how many labels you are ordering. We can print even the minimum of 500 pieces. Digital printing technology and laser cutting allow us to offer our clients low prices even for low quantities because there are no additional costs of print preparation and die-cutting forms. It’s also a perfect solution for large orders with many different graphic designs or variable data.

You can check the price of our labels in our online label calculator by choosing the size, shape and quantity for your order.