Self Adhesive Label Printing

LabelExpress print labels digitally. This means no extra costs in scope of templates and possible small quantities. We start printing from quantities of 500. You can use our calculator to easily check the price of your order by entering a few important details such as the size, material, and quantity of labels. You can be sure that your sticker labels will be ready within 72 hours and that they will be done well.


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Sticker label printing and brand recognisability

Printing sticker labels is an important part in development of the image of your brand. Many of you probably considered printing your own labels with an original appearance. So what’s better, printing labels at home or entrust the process to a professional? Is printing sticker labels expensive? What impact will individually designed labels have on the company’s image and recognisability? We will try to answer all of these questions below, present the potential benefits produced by good quality labels, and show you why you should invest in them.

Sticker labels as advertisement carriers

As we can all see, there is currently plenty of competition in almost every industrial sector, so there is nothing out of the ordinary in the fact that company owners and employees want to stand out among others and be visible in the target group. They often invest plenty of money in advertising their brands. One form of such advertising is original labels, thanks to which consumers remember the products and this is something that leads to profits. An appropriately prepared and printed label will also make the product more attractive and we all know that consumers notice the packaging first and learn more about the product later. We can easily say that printed sticker labels are a small but effective advertising carrier. When a label is appropriately designed, it can also have a positive impact on the way the product is perceived among potential customers. If you think you need to spend plenty of money on ordering sticker labels, think again. Now you can order sticker labels without worrying about wrecking your budget and use them to become a notable player on the domestic and international markets.

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