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We do everything in our power to make sure that the quality of our labels fulfils the expectations of our customers. The printing materials include semi-gloss paper and polypropylene foil. We print our labels in Poznań. They are available in classic colours – white, pallet, and stylish – gold metallic and silver metallic. We encounter different printing styles and trends on an everyday basis. Poznań is a city of development of new and known enterprises. Our labels fulfil all standards.

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Terms and conditions for the promotion "Your labels ready in 24 hours", deadline: 10.01.2023-31.01.2023

Option available for:
  • Materials: paper and foil, standard adhesive,
  • Without additional refirements: varnish, lamination, perforation
  • Packing: 76.2mm, without specifying number of rolls
  • Form of orientation: options 1,2,3,4
  • The order should be placed by 12:00 p.m. In order to execute the order in the 24h dispatch mode, it is necessary for the customer to deliver properly prepared files.
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Poznań product labels

Poznań is a city that favours entrepreneurs. The number of new companies opening in the city and its region rises from year to year, together with their marketing demands. For example, there is a demand for product labels among production and distribution companies.

Choose labels from Label Express

We encourage all businesses based in Poznań and the region to check out our offer. We have been printing sticker labels for years, both standards ones and in more unique shapes and in all quantities. The production process involves digital printing to guarantee low unit prices even in small orders and very high print quality.

Label printing at attractive prices

If you are a customer who likes standard solutions without any extra customisations, please check out our “Promotions” tab. It includes predesigned label offers for low prices. Just put them in the basket, make your purchase, and wait for delivery. If you would like extensive customisation, you can take advantage of our calculator.

Low quantity labels – digital printing only

If you need place an order for a small quantity of labels, you may be interested in digital printing. For digital printing to make financial sense, you do not have to order hundreds of thousands of identical labels like in the case of flexographic printing. Digital printing is the perfect choice when you need to order various different label designs – like 100 type A labels, 200 type B labels, and 100 type C labels. When it comes to digital printing, you do not have to order unnecessarily high quantities, which you will never use.

Paper and foil labels

We print our labels on two kinds of materials – paper and foil. Paper labels are a universal solution, which is recommended for most orders. If your product is not exposed to excess humidity, a paper label will definitely be enough. However, if your products will come into contact with water we definitely recommend foil labels.

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