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Label Express is a digital label printing service located in Poznań. As an experienced label manufacturer, we offer printing of labels for application in various industries. Our labels come on a roll, which means they are perfect for automatic application on products. The label printer in Poznań ensures comprehensive support and fast order fulfilment. Thanks to the online label calculator available below, you can easily check the price of labels of specific parameters and then you’re your customised labels to the basket. The process involving establishment of label parameters and placement of the order involves just a few simple steps. You can upload your graphics files when you are placing the order before adding your product to the basket or send them in later attached to an e-mail.


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Label Express is a brand you will find when you search for things like “label printing Poznań” or “labels Poznań”. As an experienced label manufacturer with a stable position on the market, we provide top quality labels adapted to your individual needs in scope of the dimensions, the printed material, and specific finishing and refinement.

The labels are printed digitally, which means that we can offer top quality label rolls in pretty much any quantity, ensuring attractive prices from as little as 500 labels. You can also print labels with various print themes or different data on every label.

Label Express – Poznań label printer with option of ordering online

The Poznań LabelExpress.Eu printing service supports online orders placed through its internet store. Thanks to the label calculator, you can enter all basic label parameters, e.g. label size, required quantity and printed material with appropriate adhesive. As we make labels on rolls, you can choose the tube diameter and roll direction, which is very important in automatic label application on products.

After you enter the basic parameters, the label printing price is calculated automatically and presented immediately under the “add to basket” button. This way, you can quickly learn the price of labels of specific parameters, add a file for printing, and easily order configured labels by adding them to the basket. You can also send a graphics file as an e-mail attachment after placing your order.

Poznań label printer – option of pickup from location

We are a label printer located in Poznań. If you are interested in a label printer in Poznań and are in our region, you can order labels through our online store with delivery to your location or you’re your order up from our location in Poznań. All you need for the latter is specify this option when you are placing your order. It will eliminate all extra delivery costs.

LabelExpress.Eu – what makes us stand out?

The sticker labels on rolls printed by LabelExpress have extensive application in all branches of the industry and in commerce. Label production involves only certified materials, which fulfil top quality standards.

The labels are printed digitally to ensure high print quality and the option to order any label quantity at reasonable prices even for small quantities and various graphics. The Poznań-based LabelExpress.Eu is a Polish manufacturer with years of experience in the digital printing industry and offers top quality labels.

As an experienced Poznań-based label manufacturer, we approach every order on an individual basis and are able to fulfil personalised labels for customers who have original requirements. We ensure professional and comprehensive store support and fast order fulfilment. Our company has grown and developed in a unique manner thanks to the years of its experience, passion, and engagement of its employees. By cooperating with renowned and reputable material manufacturers, we are able to provide top quality labels.

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