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Communication with the owner – pet food and snack labels

Pet food labels are indispensible on the packaging of such products. Our customers include Polish and international pet food wholesalers and manufacturers. The pet food and snack labels are a form of communication between the manufacturer and the customer. The message should be specific and simple, clear and impressive. Pet food labels constitute the most important source of information about the product.

A healthy and balanced food mix is the key to the happiness and long life of your pet. Pet owners and breeders are paying more attention to appropriate food balance. The right content of ingredients is very important and the owners are becoming more aware of this need. Our store offers labels for your products. No matter what kind of packaging the label will be on, you place an order for any shapes and sizes. Need assistance? Contact us, we will gladly help you out. With our online calculator, you can choose the right kind of material, quantity, and sizes and place your order on your own.


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All most important information in one place

A pet food label should be stylish and functional. Most importantly, it must contain all necessary information. The most important aspect is the designation of the target – the species and age of the pet. For example, puppies and kittens have different recommended diets than adult pets. You also need to establish whether the food inside the packaging is basic for full meals or supplementary, which is determined by the serving frequency and certain nutrients and vitamins contained in the food.

It is recommended to include clear information on the label about FEDIAF guidelines in the European Union. A pet food label should also come with instructions, which establish recommended daily servings and quantities for cats or dogs of specific body weight (alternatively of a specific age).

Analysis of ingredients and enriching additives

Enriching additives are not limited to those that bring adverse health effects to mind. They also include those that enrich the food with nutrients. According to pet dieticians, the manufacturer should provide “good additives” like vitamins and minerals, like bone-strengthening calcium. Cats and dogs are omnivorous, which is why pet foods containing fruit and vegetables are gaining popularity. Owners pick only the best for their pets and they like to be informed of everything in advance.

Manufacturer’s declarations on pet food labels

According to European standards, manufacturers have to declare the most important information on the label. A declaration is a statement. This informs the buyers of what they can expect from the food. Strict percentages of specific ingredients are established in order to eliminate potential misconceptions. “Contains chicken” means that the product contains at least 4% of chicken. “Rich in rabbit” means that the pet food is expected to contain minimum 14% of rabbit meat.

Adapted to all packaging

There are plenty of different pet foods on the market. Whether you are looking for a label for wet or dry food, canned or bagged, in transparent or opaque packaging, we have the one right for you. You can take advantage of our calculator to choose the right material and shape for your pet food label. If you have any concerns or special requirements, please contact us. We will be glad to disperse all your doubts and help you out.

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