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Self-adhesive labels are the perfect solution for temporary marking of products and their packaging. Sometimes we want to stick the label only for a while and than peel it off. For example in case of some temporary promotion. The main advantage of removable labels is the ability to peel them off easily and leaving the surface clean. They are often useful in case of electronic products, RTV and household appliances to which the manufacturer's labels are affixed with all information regarding parameters and use. After the purchase the customer wants to enjoy the aesthetically presented equipment without any stickers. Thanks to the properties of the release glue he can easily get rid of unnecessary stickers.


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Probably at least once in their life everyone had a situation when the sticker left a mark on the product after peeling off. If you want to avoid such situations and you want to be sure that your customers will not be frustrated use removable adhesives on your products. Removable labels are perfect for writing messages and time notes. You can be sure that the removable adhesive will stick strong and will not leave any marks on the item when removed.

What distinguishes removable labels?

The biggest advantage of removable adhesives is the ability to easily detach them from the surface of the product. For the production of this type of labels we use an acrylic adhesive with special properties. The application of labels with this adhesive is possible at temperatures as low as -15oC. The use of a release adhesive allows you to peel off the label without the risk of damaging the product and leave the surface clean even after a longer period of use. In addition to the functional adhesive our labels are distinguished by high print quality and a fast implementation process.

Removable labels and their types

In our store you will find paper and foil removable adhesives. Regardless of the material selected for printing we roll them on rolls before delivery. It is possible to choose the orientation of the beam and the diameter of the thimble which enables automatic application to the products. The choice between foil and paper labels depends primarily on the type of packaging for which they are intended and the conditions for their subsequent storage. The main difference between foil and paper is resistance to moisture and mechanical damage - foil removable labels have better properties on this field.

The use of a label with a pressure-sensitive adhesive

Removable labels are used wherever the labels are required to be easy to remove and leave no traces on the surface. They must be durable with prints readable for the consumer. Thanks to stickers with adhesive glue the sold articles become more attractive because they can contain important information, eye-catching slogans or information about seasonal promotions. Important is that after the purchase customer can easily peel them off.

The removable adhesive is perfect product in the promotional and advertising industry but works well also in retail and wholesale. They are suitable for such surfaces as:

• glass, PET

• steel products - household appliances

• certain types of cardboard such as book covers.

Deciding on labels with adhesive glue or any other glue it is worth ordering samples first and check how they behave after sticking to specific product. Sometimes a small admixture of an ingredient in the material of the product or its packaging can affect the properties of the adhesive. Removable labels are very often used for the temporary marking of products. Thanks to the use of a release adhesive it is possible to quickly remove the label without leaving visible traces of glue. Adhesive labels do not have the same adhesive strength as permanent adhesive labels. Special attention should be paid to where the labels are to be used and to what weather conditions they will be exposed to.

Ordering removable labels in LabelExpress

In our LabelExpress store you can easily and quickly quote and order your removable adhesives. Just enter your label parameters and quantity into the calculator and complete the order. After placing the order you can upload the file to your customer account or send it to us by e-mail. Than just wait for your adhesive labels. Our many years of experience, high-quality equipment and materials as well as specialized staff ensure that you will receive high-quality labels in the shortest possible time.

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