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Digital printing in Poznań delivered everywhere in Europe

The labels are printed digitally in our facility in Poznań. With digital printing, we can fulfil orders of small or truly impressive quantities. The minimum label or sticker order is 500. Our printing offer comes at a reasonable price and we often have various promotions, which means that you should visit our website from time to time. The printed labels are cut out with lasers so there is no need for a blanking die, which would generate more costs for the customer. Please contact us and browse our offer on the website.


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Label printing in Poznań

If you are interested in printing labels and are in Poznań or the region, please browse our offer. We have been operating on the printing market as Labo Print and have been offering perfectly printed stickers and labels to our customers for years – not just in Poznań and Greater Poland, but throughout the entire country. Over the years, we have learned the needs of Polish companies and entrepreneurs. We can fulfil even the most customised orders quickly and efficiently and always guarantee impeccable print quality.

Digital label printing in Poznań

We print our labels digitally. This is a very flexible solution, which allows for low quantities with preservation of prices attractive to the entrepreneur. Digital printing comes for a good price starting with quantity of 1000. It looks much better than classic flexographic print, which requires a high order quantity of around 100 000 with one theme for a friendly unit price. When you order our labels, you can count on low prices even when you want low quantities of different labels.

Label printing and order customisation

You can customise your sticker or label orders as you see fit. In order to learn about all available options and get a price quote, you can take advantage of our calculator, which will let you establish the order details. The entire printing process takes just a few moments – you don’t need to leave home or even pick up your phone.

Order label printing from Label Express

The Label Express brand was created to ensure easy access to our offer for our customers and make it possible to place orders quickly. Our website has everything you need to know about our offer, including the most popular labels and the attractive promotions. We encourage all businesses and companies to place orders for labels printed in Poznań. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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