Selective varnish and foil
applied with the 3D and 3D MAX

method allow you to receive the haptic stimulus, i.e. the texture, affecting the luxurious appearance of the label

3d and 3dmax labels
What exactly is haptics?

Haptics is a technology that uses mechanical communication, physical contact with users through the sense of touch. The haptic qualities of objects refer to their material properties such as porosity, a 3D structure that can be felt under the fingers. The receptors contained in the skin allow us to perceive a variety of impulses and influence our perception of the product. Sublime sensations allow us to reinforce our sense of high quality and elevate articles to a higher price bracket. Touch is the perfect complement to perceived visual stimuli. Their interplay helps to build a new or deepen an existing relationship with a brand.

Sensory marketing a song of the future

In recent years, the term sensory marketing has become popular. It presents a holistic approach, affecting more than one of all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The aim of sensory marketing is to elicit complex responses, raising brand awareness and emotional attachment to the brand.

In 2005, the results of a study by Martin Lindstrom - a world-renowned branding and neuromarketing specialist from the advertising agency BBDO - were published, which concluded that smells affect us almost as much as visual stimuli, and sounds 65 %. Until recently, the belief that we were living in a predominantly (up to 80%) visual era persisted. Today, we know that tactile stimuli also have a huge impact on our perception. Contrary to popular belief, we therefore buy with more than just our eyes.

Many experts say that influencing more senses is the future of marketing communication and branding, so it is worth remembering that this is a good way to leave the competition far behind.

In the advertising label industry, the sense of touch and the associated concept of HAPTICS are of great importance in the age of today's technologies, of which LABO PRINT's innovative 3D and 3D MAX enhancements are a prime example.

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3D technology

3D technology

Technology of the future MGI JET varnish 3D Web (or 3D/3D MAX) is an innovative digital finishing solution for self-adhesive labels printed on rolls. It is used for selective varnishing as well as hot foil gilding and silvering with glossy foil using special print heads. It provides a gradation of the height of the applied effect that can be felt under the fingertip, which allows for an increase in the aesthetic value of packaging, greater design possibilities and personalisation. A special super-precision scanning system (AIS) compares the printed sheet with its digital version, noticeably reducing the finishing process time.

3D Reaching Higher

3D finishing is more than just a texture that can be gently felt under the finger. The technique guarantees high-precision reproduction of details, sharp edges and resistance to mechanical damage. It allows the use of subtle patterns, fine floral motifs, graphic emblems, or low-point fonts (from 10 pt). The labels can be enhanced with a discreet overprint-free selective varnish motif, gilding/silvering with hot foil, or using both effects simultaneously. The glossy varnish not only protects, but also brings out and enlivens the colours of the print. The slightly raised elements create a visually appealing and tactile effect. Elements highlighted in this way gently reflect the light, depending on the angle of incidence. A creative and unconventional approach will result in distinctive labels in a highly competitive market.

3D MAX high level

3D MAX high level

The higher-level version of the 3D formula is 3D MAX. It is characterised by the thickest selective varnish and gold and silver foil relief available on the market, measured in microns. At the same time, precisely sharp drawing edges, flexibility and resistance to mechanical damage are retained. Labels enhanced in this way are characterised by the highest level of aesthetics. Metallised foil in gold and silver perfectly reinforces the message of the graphic creation itself and makes it possible to increase the aesthetic value of the printed labels.

It makes it possible to give a metallic sheen to high-litre lettering (even in Braille) and larger artistic motifs such as logo emblems, artistic irregular "smears" or plant motifs of increased size (e.g. the three-dimensional structure of tree leaves). The shiny 3D MAX convexity reflects light intensely, creating reflections dancing on its surface. Interesting enhancement forms set the product apart from the competition and make it stand out from the crowd.

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