Vinyl Jar Labels – 2500 pcs

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Original, decorative labels for pots printed with digital technology and excited on role. Thanks to this you can easily make them add manually, but also with the use of labelling devices. In the promotion, products are available in the selected, most common form and standard formats. Labels with a quantity of 2500 items are suitable for a limited range of products or are available for longer. They are made of polypropylene foil, which increases their resistance to moisture, low or high temperatures. The material ensures storage under special conditions, e.g. refrigerators or freezers, labels on pots are more resistant to oily substances, alcohols and sweet products. Under the printed surface there is a universal adhesive standard that works well for most coatings.

Well-designed labels will greatly facilitate finding the right products in your closet. Secure storage is the key for law enforcement. Foil labels on pots ensure simple and efficient organization at home. They can be applied to documents, folders or baskets and boxes in the utility room, laundry room or garage. It is at these places, at home, that packaging is most often labelled. This prevents a pernicious search for items. Labels made of PP film we can attach to books instead of pots. This way of personalization is a reminder for those who borrow books from someone's library.

The material, which is a PP film, protects the printed surface, making the label more resistant to sunlight. This version is an alternative to paper markings that fade after a long time.

Labels for jars available printed in oval or square shape in an amount of 2500 on a semi-gloss white film, basis weight 46g/m2. Below the surface is a standard adhesive that works well with most coatings. They are digitally printed and cut with a laser, so that it is not necessary to make special, extra-paid punching templates. Wounds on a roll can be applied manually and automatically.

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