Vinyl headgear

€4.62 €3.76

The headgear is made from elastic vinyl material, which helps to limit the contact between people and influence of external factors. It is made from fully transparent material. We’re providing them in packages of 10 pieces.

Headgears can be fastened on the head – it fits for different head sizes. Material is not losing its features while washed with water or detergents, can be also disinfecting with non-corrosive liquids. It works great for places where contact between people is currently undesirable, such as: shops, receptions beauty salons, customer services and wherever face to face contact occurs.

They are not certified or categorized in any way. The product which if offered by us only limits the impact of external factors and does not block them completely. It does not have any medical approvals. Due to a very high market demand, the colour of the strap in our vinyl headgears is chosen randomly.

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