Vinyl Bottle Lables – 2000 pcs

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Labels for bottles which are fully or partially wrapped on the bottle. The promotion includes labels printed on white polypropylene film weighing 46 g/m2 with standard glue. Labels are suitable on the front of glasses and plastic bottles. Application in all segments of the food and cosmetics industry: beverage bottles, beer bottles, sauce bottles, cosmetics, balms, creams. Automatic and manual application is possible thanks to the self-adhesive function. They can also be used in more difficult conditions such as: low temperatures, moisture, exposure to oil and water. They work best on flat surfaces.

Labels for printed bottles are used on the packaging of unitary products, assuming a marketing function. Aesthetic packaging catches the eye and becomes the reason for choosing the product. The adhesive that is under the printed surface has excellent durability between -400C to 800C. The minimum application temperature is 5°C on less demanding smooth surfaces. However, the material will also work well on products That to be stored at low temperatures. Simple applying labels to products ensures that they are wrapped on the sleeve.

The application of label on film guarantees the durability and resistance to water, grease, chemicals or alcohol. The material that is polypropylene is an excellent alternative to paper labels. Special attention should be given to containers with an uneven surface, since this is usually not the case bottles, work labels perfect.

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