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Labels for your digitally printed products

Our multi-coloured labels are distinguished by high quality workmanship. Thanks to our printing machines, the inscriptions and graphics are colourful and intensely saturated. We print by digital method, which saves time and costs associated with the production of the die. We receive a design file from you and we print labels for your products. We are an online printing company that quickly and efficiently performs customer orders.

The owners of varnish and paint mixing plants value our labels because for them, as well as for us, the appearance and durability of products and packaging are important. Each new mix needs a clear varnish label or spray label.

Packaging surfaces from industrial varnishes are usually smooth, so applying the label is not difficult and difficult.

To choose the right material on which your label should be made, contact our assistant or order samples.


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Your own branded varnish labels

If you're looking for a print shop that prints your varnish label design, you've come to the right place. We have experience in serving clients in the paint industry. We know that when producing a new paint colour or personalizing wrapped to your customer's requirements, clear labelling is important. The packaging should include the name of the colour and at least an illustrative shade, customer logo, contact details, product composition.

Easy application regardless of the packaging

Varnishes most often sell a mixture for paint, in a spray bottle or brush patches. Therefore, various types of packaging are selected. The varnish labels are very important, because it must take into account many different aspects, such as, for example, clarify the exact purpose of the product, the manner of application.

At LabelExpress, we process orders from 500 pieces. The varnish labels are digitally printed, laser cut and delivered to you wound on a core, packed in a cardboard box or cut into sheets. Depending on which form of label preparation you choose, you can apply them by machine (using a labelling machine or by hand).

Perfectly selected labels for varnish and spray

We focus on personalization! Through our order calculator it is possible to make an individual choice. Label dimensions, quantity and material should be provided. If you are not sure if the material you have chosen is the right one or you would like to determine the right form of finishing the labels adapted to their application, you can contact us and our advisor will try to help you make the right choice. Certainly together we will choose the perfect nail polish labels that will meet your expectations.

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