Transparent Self-Adhesive Labels – 2500 pcs

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Transparent self-adhesive labels on roll, will work on colourful bottles and packaging. The self-adhesive print also looks good on a transparent package with naturally colourful content such as juice, smoothie, body lotion and scented candle. The transparent labels are used in many industries. Transparent design is an increasingly willing option to mark the package. A transparent label does not disturb the display of the product for the consumer because it gives the impression of being directly on it. Projects bare labels are often chosen by a premium Brand.

Self-adhesive transparent labels are available in a universal square or round shape of 2500 pieces. With this you can mark products on one line or stay longer with you.

The transparent label looks good on products such as jam and honey. We recommend using it on "bare" surfaces without stains, such as glass or plastic, offering a new dimension of transparency.

Labelling is possible alone or with a special one labelling machine be done. The print lies directly on the foil, the label is resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. This solution makes transparent, self-adhesive labels universally applicable.

Transparent labels are perfect in the alcohol industry, on cosmetics, medicines and transparent at all packaging, where the most important is to present the content of the product contained within. These types of applications increase the image value of the product, if luxurious, sophisticated and modern experience.

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