Square Labels 75x75mm - PP foil white - 2000 pcs.

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Self-adhesive labels made of polypropylene with a standard adhesive is possible to use in very low temperatures up to -80oC. Polypropylene material for printing labels has increased durability in contact with water or oil, but it should be applied on flat surfaces, without folds, and on packages that can not be crushed.

The price includes: 2000 pieces of labels with individual print

Self-adhesive labels on a roll printed on polypropylene foil are the most commonly used and most popular labels on the market. The label is made of PP white foil with GSM 46 g / m 2 with an acrylic standard adhesive, while the base from which the sticker is peeled off is white paper. Labels printed on pp foil can be applied at a temperature of 5 o C, and can be used from -40 o C to 80 o . Most importantly, they are resistant to humidity and comparable to paper also for mechanical damage. Polypropylene labels are perfect for rigid product packaging, plastic containers, frozen products, glass and all flat surfaces. One should only pay attention to irregular surfaces and crushed packaging - in this case the polypropylene foil can deform.
More Information
Shape square
Dimensions 75 mm x 75 mm
Quantity 2000 pcs.
Label material PP white foil, adhesive standard
Package cardboard tube
Application manual
Minimum temperature of the application 5oC
Temperature of use -40oC to 80oC
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