Paper Bottle Labels – 2500 pcs

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Papier labels for semi glossy bottles for advertising products on a multi-coloured print. The perfect solution for less demanding packaging such as glass, with a flat surface. The labels look good on bottles stored in dry, shady places. The availability of labels printed on a roll makes the application as simple as it is automatically and manually. Made from paper weighing 81 g/m2, a smooth surface with a light sheen, provides an interesting finish. The labels are suitable for jars and reusable bottles to personalize them.

Paper labels for bottles cut on a roll, there is a standard adhesive for most smooth surfaces beneath the printed surface. Paper labels for bottles have different applications. They can be displayed on products that are for sale with a label, together with a content composition and a place for a barcode, which is especially important for the customer. But they also work very well as special label for special occasions or for a limited edition of a series of products and home-made mortars such as juices.

We print the label with your own graphic images on innovative digital printing machines. On the Promotions tab there are standard dimensions of labels with special material and standard glue. However, full personalization is possible when configuring the label calculator. It must be recalled that each material has different properties and uses. The paper looks good, both on glasses and plastic bottles. However, it is less resistant to abrasion, moisture, low or high temperatures than polypropylene film.

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