Paper Advertising Stickers – 2500 pcs

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Companies from many industries are increasingly looking for advertising stickers. Especially if the choice falls on paper, because it is an ecological material. Advertising stickers are applied to paper and biodegradable reusable bags or bottles. We are happy to be selected by producers of handmade Brands from different categories. It is a great advertising medium and good ways to reach a wide audience. Advertising stickers can be attached to promotional loyalty program cards or placed on cardboard packaging for shipping as an indication of an online store. Advertising stickers can also have a typical informative function as a product description.

The customer often builds association with the brand by marking the company. If it meets aesthetics, it is more likely that it will strive, even if another product is of better or comparable quality. What is more important is what the consumer sees before he or she tries to determine if the item suits him or her. This perception is particularly important for the categories of food and cosmetic products, due to strong competition.

Promotion includes a stickers paper with a basis weight of 81 g/m2 satin gloss at 2000 units, circular or rectangular. However, we also invite you to place custom orders of any size through our label calculator.

Paper stickers are easy to apply. The standard adhesive, which is located below the surface, adheres well and leaves the paper easily, which is especially important for reusable products such as bottles or jars. The material is in line with the current visible trend - a return to the traditional form of paper. Manufacturers often use paper stickers because it is a proven and reliable material.

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