1. Self-adhesive oval-shaped labels

    Self-adhesive oval-shaped labels

    All products available for sale are marked with various types of labels for aesthetic, informative, warning, or legal purposes. The most popular labels are printed adhesive stickers because they are very easy to apply and can be quickly stuck onto the product. Consumers and users come in contact with labels every day. They analyse their content to make the right purchase or follow the image on the label in choose their favourite product. The content and form of the label is very important and should be appropriately considered to keep from excessively frequent changes of its image.

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  2. Universal round labels

    Universal round labels

    Product labels are applied on wither the goods or the packaging to inform clients about product attributes, manufactures, shelf life, price, etc. Labels take various forms; they are not always adhesive stickers, tags, or barcodes fixed to the product. Right now, labels are applied to pretty much all commercially released products, no matter if they are made in industrial quantities, limited series, or customised for a specific client.

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